Closed Summer 2024

The Allen Memorial Art Museum is currently closed for improvements.

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Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College
87 North Main Street, Oberlin, OH 44074


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Exhibitions & Events

The Allen presents changing exhibitions along with engaging guest speakers and public programs.

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Art at the AMAM

The Allen's collection is particularly strong in 17th century Dutch and Flemish painting, Japanese prints, early modern art, African art, and more.

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Explore the full range of museum programs through free events, guided and self-guided tours, and resources for professors and PreK-12 teachers.

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Find podcasts, activities, and information for all age groups.

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Support for the museum continues our tradition of bringing art to the people.

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Schedule an Oberlin Class Visit

A class visit to the museum Photo by Tanya Rosen Jones

We offer four formats for teaching a class in the museum: self-guided visits, co-facilitated visits, print study room sessions, and exhibition tours.

The AMAM is a teaching museum founded to support students' educational experiences at Oberlin College, but we also serve a wide audience of public schools, other colleges and universities, and the region. We prioritize the Oberlin faculty’s use of the collection, but, because we schedule visits for all audiences on a first-come, first-served basis, we ask you to schedule your visits to the museum as early as possible—preferably before the start of the semester.

Oberlin faculty members may use the form below to submit a visit request. Please submit your request:

  • at least two weeks before the intended date of a self-guided visit to the galleries;
  • at least one month before the intended date of a self-guided visit that includes a print study room component; and
  • at least one month before the intended date of your co-facilitated visit to the galleries or print study room, or in advance of a special exhibition tour.

The museum is open to the public Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Although we do allow class visits starting at 9 a.m., Monday visits are exclusively for classes that meet only on Mondays. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate evening visits to the museum.

Oberlin Class Visit Request

Faculty Information

What is your current enrollment? If unknown, please indicate the maximum enrollment for this course.

How many minutes long is your class session?

List three possible dates and times for your session in order of preference. Please note that Monday visits are exclusively for classes that only meet on Mondays.

Additional Information

I will

Me, in conversation with an AMAM staff member

Mostly AMAM staff, but I will chime in

I'm not sure. Can we discuss?

I will browse eMuseum, the AMAM online database.

I'd like to meet AMAM staff to look at and discuss options.

I'd like to use my object list from the last time I brought this course to the Museum.

Learning goals for your visit

These questions help us to advise you on how to best make use of your time in the museum and to suggest objects that might resonate with the issues/themes/questions your course explores.

Do you have specific goals for the visit? If so, please specify.

Will you connect your museum session to a class assignment? If so, what is the goal of the assignment? (It's okay to have a vague answer at this point!)

Anything else we should know about this visit?

Self-guided visits

Faculty members who are confident using the museum and its collection may use the museum as their secondary classroom. The Office of Academic Programs will collaborate as necessary to assist you in developing object lists and activities for teaching in the galleries or the print study room. Self-guided visits should be scheduled in advance to reserve the spaces you need for teaching and to ensure your class is appropriately welcomed to the museum.

Co-facilitated visits

These visits are team taught by a faculty member and a museum curator, feeding off of one other’s strengths. A planning meeting will allow for appropriate objects and approaches to meet your learning objectives for the session. On the day of the session, a curator will deliver content related to museum objects and their histories; the faculty member plays a crucial role in connecting the objects to the broader themes of their class.

Viewing sessions in the Wolfgang Stechow Print Study Room

Usually scheduled during the lunch period, these sessions allow students to view works on their own time outside of the standard class period. This is a particularly helpful format for allowing students to return to artworks they saw as a class, or for adding new objects to a longer class project. Up to 10 works can be pulled for these 2-hour sessions.

Special exhibitions tour

Curators provide an in-depth look at their current exhibitions.

The curator of academic programs is available to help you decide which format best fits your learning goals. We have an abundance of resources for making the most of your time in the museum.

If you have questions about planning and scheduling a visit, please contact Hannah Wirta Kinney, assistant curator of academic programs.


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Allen Memorial Art Museum Closed for the Summer

Starting May 27, the Allen Memorial Art Museum will close for the summer in the lead up to the completion of Oberlin College and Conservatory's Sustainable Infrastructure Program (SIP). Learn More